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About Us

What is CSS?

Christian Stewardship Services is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to connecting faith, families and finances for maximum benefit and efficiency in estate and gift planning. We are funded by 140 Christian charities, including churches, schools, agencies of the Christian Reformed Church, universities, retirement homes, and social service organizations. 

OUR VISION:  Living Responsibly in God’s World.
Christian stewards are entrusted with wealth and resources as gifts in God’s world, and charged to manage them in His best interests.

CSS provides:

  • Essential advice for Christians on Will and Estate Planning
  • A wide range of effective and convenient gift distribution options to multiple charities
  • Knowledgeable, reliable professional service
  • Confidentiality
  • The convenience of meeting in your home or office
  • Regional Representatives across Canada
  • Impartial, objective advice
  • A team experienced in law, insurance, banking and financial planning

The cost of the initial visits and consultations is funded by partner organizations.*  More complex estate and succession situations are handled on a cost recovery basis.

*A list of these charities and non profits is available on request.


Christian Stewardship Services makes mortgages and loans available to churches, Christian schools and ministries. Applications are reviewed each month by the CSS Investment Committee, a group of financial professionals appointed by the CSS Board. Currently over $17 million in investments is placed in mortgages and loans.

Please call the CSS Head Office for an application form and to discuss your needs: (905) 947-9262


Living Responsibly in God's World

This statement reflects that God is the owner of all things. As owner, God has all the rights. We, as God's stewards, have responsibilities. A steward is someone entrusted with another's property. Stewards are charged with the responsibility of managing it in the owner's best interest. CSS and its stakeholders encourage people, not only to believe that they have responsibilities in God's world, but also to carry them out in their daily lives.


Christian Stewardship Services actively works with Partner Charities in donor development and serves their supporters by encouraging Biblical Stewardship through Planned Giving.

Through practical financial counselling and education, CSS works with and on behalf of Christian organizations to encourage people to be responsible stewards, thereby helping individuals and these Christian organizations advance the Kingdom of God.

> Privacy Policy

The CSS Board established a CSS privacy policy in 2005.  All clients are offered the policy during or before a home visit, and are asked to sign it. CSS pledges to keep client information confidential and private.

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> Investment Policy

CSS Investments are overseen by an Investment Committee made up from industry professionals and CSS Board members. 
The CSS Investment Policy governing investments is reviewed every year, and the current document is available in the link.

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> Declared Stewardship Policy

This policy outlines certain ethical and stewardship guidelines to which CSS is committed.

> Declared Stewardship Policy

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