> Board of Directors

The Board is made up of 7 to 9 individuals elected from the “Members” at the Annual General Meeting held in the Fall.
The “members” are individuals who are nominated by the Partner organizations, or the CSS Board.  Partners nominate suitable persons to the Christian Stewardship Services membership. 
These nominees are accepted by the members at the annual meeting.
The Board meets at the annual meeting and 4 or 5 times during the year as needed, either in person or by conference call.

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Created by a group of Christian charities and church agencies in 1976, Christian Stewardship Services has been serving Christian across Canada for over thirty years. The founding agencies have grown to over 40 partner charities and over 100 Christian Schools.

In 1997, Henry Eygenraam was hired as Executive Director to expand the services.

In 2001 CSS, working with the Christian Reformed Church hired a Stewardship Education Co-coordinator to implement the Growing in Giving programme.

CSS started with one employee and has grown to a staff of four regional representatives covering BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. Visits are also made to Saskatchewan and the Maritimes. The Head Office remains in the Greater Toronto area.

In 2012 Maynard Wiersma was hired as Executive Director, having served as South West Ontario Rep for over three years.
> Privacy Policy

The CSS Board established a CSS privacy policy in 2005.  All clients are offered the policy during or before a home visit, and are asked to sign it. CSS pledges to keep client information confidential and private.

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> Investment Policy

CSS Investments are overseen by an Investment Committee made up from industry professionals and CSS Board members. 
The CSS Investment Policy governing investments is reviewed every year, and the current document is available in the link.

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