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Here’s what one of our long-standing clients has to say about using CSS.

Twenty years had passed since we had written our first will with the expert advice of Christian Stewardship Services. During that time our family grew to include five children, four of whom are now adults. Several of the charities we had designated to be recipients of part of our estate were no longer in existence. Many things had changed. It was time to draft another will.

We again wanted to confer with Christian Stewardship Services because we share their vision that all we own belongs to the Lord, that the use of our resources is one of the ways we worship the Lord, and that we need to do all we can to ensure that after we die our wealth is used in a God-honouring way.

We set up a visit with our CSS representative in South Western Ontario. In order to facilitate the process, he sent us some forms before the meeting so that we could take an inventory of our assets, discuss who would be our estate trustees, define who would be given Power of Attorney, name the guardian of our youngest child, and declare which organizations would be the recipients of our charitable giving.

During the visit the rep clearly and methodically explained what was involved in the primary and secondary distribution of our estate, and the distribution of specific legacies, personal effects, and furnishings. He explained how we could include in our will a Charity Child – Christian Stewardship Services – that would be responsible for distributing to one or more Christian organizations of our choice a portion of our estate equal to the portions our children would receive. He also spelled out many different scenarios that face estate trustees and those with Power of Attorney, and suggested the best options for our situation.

Though we appreciated all the information the rep gave us, what we valued most about our visit was being able to discuss our concerns on the basis of a shared vision of how God wants us to live with our wealth and how we can use our possessions to benefit his people in the world.

Rinke VanderVeen & Sonya VanderVeen Feddema

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