Over 100 Christian schools partner with Christian Stewardship Services to provide professional estate and gift planning services at no charge to their supporters or potential donors. These Schools pay a small, per-student fee to CSS and, in return, Schools are encouraged to request CSS staff to:
  • Make presentations to their members,
  • Promote and distribute CSS materials offering service, and - most importantly -
  • Offer and set up appointments for their supporters with CSS staff.

In addition to individual Schools, 5 Christian Education Foundations in Ontario and the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia partner with CSS on behalf of their member schools:
-Central Ontario Christian Education Foundation (COCEF)
-Grand River Advancement of Christian Education Foundation (GRACE) 
-Foundation for Niagara and Hamilton Area Christian School (FNHCS) 
-Harvest Endowment Foundation 
-London District Christian Education Foundation

Check the Schools Listings below to see if YOUR School is already a Partner School.



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