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CSS is an independent organization with 30 years of experience in helping Christians with estate and gift planning.

CSS Representatives meet you, in the comfort of your home, to explore and develop an Estate Plan and/or Gift Plan that addresses your needs. The result of the meeting will be a detailed outline of your wishes to take to your lawyer to be finalized. 

Many of our clients express appreciation, and tell us that the time they spent with us prior to meeting with their lawyer proved to be very helpful in thinking through their decisions. 

Estate and Will Planning Services
Estate and Will Planning is for everyone: young and old, wealthy, or just starting out. It is the process of deciding to whom your assets should be distributed after your death and is an integral but often overlooked aspect of stewardship. 

A visit from CSS staff will:

  • Help you understand the importance of a Will
  • Explain what a Will can and cannot do
  • Advise you on choosing Executors and Guardians
  • Offer advice on trusts for children and inheritances
  • Provide a customized written summary of your instructions for your lawyer.

Succession Planning

We have recently added Succession Planning as a new service we are providing. Please request a copy of our CFFO Succession video, for a deeper understanding of the succession planning process.

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To provide seniors with a variety of housing options and multiple levels of services and facilities in a Christian, caring community...

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