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Christian Stewardship Services makes mortgages and loans available to churches, Christian schools and ministries. Applications are reviewed each month by the CSS Investment Committee, a group of financial professionals appointed by the CSS Board. Currently over $17 million in investments is placed in mortgages and loans.

1. Sources upon which the judgment will be based could include the following:
  • Current financial statements, and if more than six months old, an interim statement as well.
  • The previous 3 years’ financial statements, professionally prepared.
  • Current cash flow projections and budget, with explanations of any major changes from previous years.
  • Long term debt retirement schedule.
  • A picture, copy or description of the property or item on which the security of the loan is to be based.  

Please call the CSS Head Office for an application form and to discuss your needs:  (905) 947-9262

The Revocable Deposit Agreement

A Revocable Deposit Agreement is a combination of investment and planned gift. It is especially designed for donors and investors who wish to put their money to work effectively to benefit themselves as well as their favourite charities. CSS pays the donor interest on the Deposit at a rate equivalent to the earnings of the CSS restricted portfolio less 1% for administration. The donor will receive up to fifty percent (50%) of the calculated earnings each June and December. The remaining interest earned will be distributed to the charities that the donor has selected.

The donor retains ownership of their deposit and can have it returned upon 30, 60, or 90 days’ notice. The funds on deposit are invested primarily to enable Christian organizations to meet their capital needs through mortgages and loans.  Due to the long term nature of these investments, Deposit Agreements are only for those intending to deposit the money for a number of years. >Learn more
> Investment Policy

CSS Investments are overseen by an Investment Committee made up from industry professionals and CSS Board members. 
The CSS Investment Policy governing investments is reviewed every year, and the current document is available in the link.

> learn more

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