> Stewardship Empowerment

This Program encourages us to "live responsibly in God's world."

Stewardship Empowerment

Specifically, through this program CSS works with the CRC and Diaconal Ministries Canada to:

  • Consult with leadership to develop effective Stewardship Education initiatives  
  • Facilitate training
  • Develop and coach Stewardship Education leadership or "Stewardship Champions"

Our primary source for teaching on stewardship is the Bible

We affirm:

  • That God is the 'owner' of all that He entrusts to us (1Chron.29:14, Ps.50:12) - we are stewards.
  • That God want nothing to come between us and him (Ex.20:3,4; Mat.19:21).
  • That God blesses and expects faithful stewardship in proportion to what has been entrusted to us (Mat.25:23).
  • That God is looking for trustworthy stewards through whom He can channel His resources for the coming of His Kingdom (Mat.28:18-20).
  • That God expects us to take initiative - to honour Him first with our giving (Gen.4:4-7; 2Cor.9:7).
  • That God modeled giving by giving His only Son for our Salvation (John 3:16).
  • That God expects us to tithe (Deut.14:22; Mal.4:8-10; Mat.23:23) - generous giving goes beyond the tithe (Deut.15:7,8).

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